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Best Supplment

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 3:29 pm
by Chromatic Chameleon

I hope this is ok to post here, but it seems a good place to start.
I am being roped into running a game soon for my brother and his girlfriend. They will probably want to do Forgotten Realms
The problem is I have never ever done F.R. always Grayhawk, Dragonlance or my own.
So which of the 5ed campaign books have the best overview of the realms. I think its going to be the Sword Coast Adventure guide.

my dream campaign idea is to my brother a bard since he knows Forgotten Realms and she can be anything.
The two would travel from adventure to adventure gig to gig. I would also want to do a tasting menu of each campaign book not binge a whole book.
My idea would be 1-3 in one setting, 3-6 in another etc ect, picking the ones they are best suited to be caught up in.

Being a two player I ll probably just have them do certain parts or use campion rules.

Anyways if you have advice I ll take it


Re: Best Supplment

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:38 pm
by chrismmp
You are correct. The Sword Coast Adventurers guide is probably the best modern supplement for FR. if you want to read something a little older and more comprehensive the 2nd edition box set material is pretty solid.

Re: Best Supplment

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:58 pm
by MrMikeD
I'll second Chris on the best current supplement.

If you want general information on the Realms. The 3rd edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting has a lot of really good info, though some of it was negated by WotC moving the story forward through the Spellplague and later the Second Sundering. The 1993 grey box is also chock full of cool tidbits, and includes A Grand Tour of the Realms. The Forgotten Realms box is probably still one of my favorite D&D supplements

Re: Best Supplment

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:01 am
by Jared Rascher ... siast.html

On my blog I danced around some of the older supplements that might still be a good thing to look at going forward, and why.

Re: Best Supplment

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 7:11 pm
by shawnmerwin
Alternatively, you can start focused and not try to understand that entire Realms, all at once. A product like the new D&D Essentials Kit has a great deal of information on the area around Phandalin, and if you can digest that and make it sing, then you don't need to know what a coin of every single city is called, or who the 5th Duke of Whereverland is named. Making a small area yours teaches you what is important to the players, and then you can just get online after a session and look things up. There is an extensive Wiki for the Realms which, while not always updated to the newest release, at least has viable answers for YOUR campaign: