UA, Barbarians, Flumphs, and Me

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UA, Barbarians, Flumphs, and Me

Post by greyauthor »

I didn't get very far into reading the new UA builds for Barbarians because I stopped at this:

"You conjure 1d4 intangible spirits that look like flumphs in unoccupied spaces within 30 feet of you. Each spirit immediately flies 30 feet in a random direction. At the end of your turn, all spirits explode and each creature within 5 feet of one or more of them must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 2d8 force damage."

And I'm thinking. Okay this could feasibly happen at least twice a game--since it comes with rage. So now I'm supposed to figure out where 1 to 4 flumphs go within 30 feet of a player and also determine which "random" direction they go, and then adjudicate 1 to 4 saving throws. God help us if we're in a dungeon. And what if I'm running theatre of the mind?

Why did my job as a DM suddenly get so much more complicated? Can we keep the business of player character powers and abilities on the player's side of the table?

Anyway thanks for actually going through it on the cast though, because I literally closed the PDF when I read that and it was good to hear the rest of it.
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Re: UA, Barbarians, Flumphs, and Me

Post by Jared Rascher »

Honestly, the overall feel of the subclass doesn't feel like "feywild touched barbarian," it feels like "wild magic barbarian," which feels like a weird thing to randomly add to the barbarian. I don't get the "story" of the class, because the random chaos overshadows whatever "touched by the supernatural" thing they seemed to be going with.

"How do you explain your supernatural elements, barbarian friends?"

"I have powers granted by my ancestors, so I have ghostly auras and knowledge from beyond the grave."

"Because I am one with nature, the very storms smite my enemies when I am angry."

"I got lost in a weird dimension one time, and now when I'm angry, I might kill my friends with necrotic energy bursts, or the spirits of weird but friendly aberrations might randomly float around the battlefield."

I'm having a hard time feeling it.

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Re: UA, Barbarians, Flumphs, and Me

Post by shawnmerwin »

And that's why these are playtests and not in a book yet! :-)

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Re: UA, Barbarians, Flumphs, and Me

Post by chrismmp »

I think we actually agreed with both Jared and Chris on the podcast. It’s too complicated and more of a wild Magic barbarian.

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