Eberron! (AL)

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Eberron! (AL)

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Hey Shawn and Chris -

Just saw that Shawn is one of the overseer's of the new AL season - Oracle of War.

Wondering why AL went with Eberron instead of Avernus? Or both?
Maybe Shawn can take some time to expound upon that?

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Re: Eberron! (AL)

Post by shawnmerwin »

Late to answer, but I assume you now know the answer is both. The regular FR AL campaign seems to be going to Avernus. The Eberron AL campaign is its own separate entity. It will be a limited-run, self-contained campaign that will offer an alternative play experience to the regular AL experience. I can't really go into detail yet, as we finalize plans before the preview of the campaign at GameholeCon in November.

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