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Invisible Sun

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 4:10 pm
by Chromatic Chameleon
I ran a campaign this winter/spring and will do a second season in September. Honestly the setting does seem great not as tasty as mage. The difference between mind candy and mind cake. As the GM I felt the mechanics really were not there for me and its balance was so far in favor of the characters the GM intrusion was really the only way to challenge them. They should have dropped most of the mechanics and done a story game. This season will have a lot more GM inclusions. So I would say mechanically a 6 and setting 8

The book printing quality is awful. Stick to PDFs until you hear otherwise. probably 4 out pf 10

As it is now I would give it an overall 7 out of 10

This season I hope they take out the Hate Catalysis and learn about my take on the secret of the City's pass.

Re: Invisible Sun

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:52 pm
by RobAbrazado
Just throwing in that I am now all about the phrase "mind cake." :D