MMP #404 – The Nostalgia Trap

Chris, Phil, and Bob break down and get inside game mastering, playing games, and game design in an effort to entertain and inform you.
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MMP #404 – The Nostalgia Trap

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Phil, Bob, and Jerry discuss what nostalgia means, how you can enjoy it, and what the risks of indulging may be. Enjoy, and tell us about what makes you nostalgic in gaming over at The Misdirected Mark Forums. Catch the live recording of a...

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Re: MMP #404 – The Nostalgia Trap

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what are everybody's nostaligia moments?

Rifts was my white whale. I built many versions of swamp castle before the Hodgepocalypse arose from it's ashes.

The Deadlands game was one of the best games I ever did. We did it in d20 because we didn't like the classic system. :p

"Ni, San, Shi, Go" Space Ninjas done in Cartoon Action Hour is probably my favorite game of all time and if it weren't for a personal tragdity, it probably would have had a definate ending.\

Currently trying to setup a cyberpunk 2020 game, not for the nostalgia, but for the same reason I like watching movies that occur in that year (ex transformers the movie in 2005).
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