Story Synth – simple web platform for designing and playtesting games

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Story Synth – simple web platform for designing and playtesting games

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Hey all!

I’ve been working on a platform for easily playtesting storytelling games, with content pulled in from Google Sheets. It’s called Story Synth and it just won a Golden Cobra for Best New Tool :D :

Here's a video tour if that's more your speed:

It already works for several game formats, including For the Queen and The Quiet Year. You can add your custom content by pasting a link to a spreadsheet; no coding needed. There’s more info, including how-to guides, on the About page.

My game Dawn of the Monster Invasion is built on Story Synth if you want to get a sense for how a finished game looks:

My goal for Story Synth is to seriously lower the bar to designing and testing games. There are three main ways to use it:

  • Running a playtest by pasting in a spreadsheet link (no coding needed)
  • Publishing your game through it (requires some code)
  • Hacking it to add your own mechanics (lots of code)

I’m happy to answer any questions, help guide you through the process, and I am especially keen to hear feedback and feature requests as I continue building out the platform!

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