Goblins Run: Surviving the Apocalypse

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Goblins Run: Surviving the Apocalypse

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Goblins Run: Surviving the Apocalypse (PBTA ?)

Elevator pitch: The clan is in danger you and your group of goblins have been chosen to find a key to the clans survival and then find the place the key opens. Once the location is found you must open the area, explore, and remove any dangers to the clan before they arrive to take sanctuary there before the coming apocalypse.

* Sandman: The chieftains shadow, the rogue his silent assassin. You are the one that finds the secrets, dispences the will of the chieftan when quiet and discretion is needed.
* Rat Catcher: The clans forester. You supply the clan with meat and wild game. A tracker and scout.always looking to stop trouble from reaching the clan.
* Sawbones: You are the doctor, the healer of the clan. You patch the cuts, make the salves and ointments for the sick and injured.
* Hedge Mage: You are the apprentice to the shaman of the clan, though your knowledge of spells may be limited you have been taught by the Shaman and it is your time to shine.
* Guardian: Named by the chieftain as protector of the clan. You travel for the survival of the clan.

The adventure begins:
Beginning the adventure you will each create your character and the village.
When you create your character you will also create bonds and rivalries between yourself and other party members.
Then you will create the village, hamlet, or town..
The village creation. First you will give names to the Chieftain, Shaman, and Village.
Next you will determine the size of the village and what your village produces.
Finally each character will create 2 bonds 1 with a family member (husband, wife, brother, father, mother etc.) And the second a non family member of the clan.
If you wish you can name a third goblin from the village that you have a rivalry with and why you have the rivalry.

Ok this is the beginning of my rambling thoughts on this game, I see it as a 1 or 2 session filler game or possibly a convention game.

As I work out other ideas and begin fleshing out playbooks I will continue to update the thread.
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