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Of The People

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I've been working on an alternate set of rules for Risk.

You need a Risk board game that has armies broken up into single armies, five armies and ten army units. Some retro sets only have single army units (and maybe five I couldn’t tell from the box). You could use other tokens for the different units if you needed to. You want 8 civilian tokens (normally the tens unit) per player.

Of The People changes the strategy to include a civilian population and your civilians have ideas about how your wars should be waged. You can appease them or ignore them at the risk of revolt.

Set up is one of the most tedious aspects of playing Risk, so that's been changed to a quick process.

The addition of elite armies changes the dynamics of the battlefield and cuts down on territories that are bloated with units. Battles can go much quicker as elite armies remove five regular armies per battle won.

You’ll need the new rules and a set of will cards. Although a lot of standard Risk conventions are preserved, theres a lot that's changed. The territory cards are important but they aren't the all determining factor that they tend to be in normal Risk.

Most of our games have run about 90 minutes but we did have one longer 150 minute game where control flipped 4 times.

If you play, I'd like to hear about your experience and what I left out of the instructions.

Of The People
Will Cards
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