Marvel Strike Force

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Marvel Strike Force

Post by CSStrat »

Just wanted to post here that Phil’s Rust Belt Avengers alliance is still going strong.

Members come and go, so at any given time there is room if anyone is looking for a fun mobile game experience. Not everyone in the Alliance is a member of the MMP community, but I’m happy to give MMP community members priority over the non members.

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Re: Marvel Strike Force

Post by RoryMacLeod »

I played Strike Force for a while, but I got bored of it. Maybe I'll try again.

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Re: Marvel Strike Force


I think the new characters have really added a lot to the game a far as fun and creative matchups.

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Re: Marvel Strike Force

Post by Bohnhoff »

While I had to leave, the Rust Belt Avengers were a great alliance and in you're at all into the game, I encourage you to join up!

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