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Jared Rascher
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Genesys Foundry

Post by Jared Rascher »

It looks like, in addition to the Cypher Creator System, Disciples of the Demon Lord (Shadow of the Demon Lord), Storyteller's Vault, Canis Minor (Pugmire), Miskatonic Repository (Call of Cthulhu), DMs Guild, and whatever other community creator programs are out there, Fantasy Flight announced the Genesys Foundry, allowing for community-created products for the Genesys game engine.
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Re: Genesys Foundry

Post by chrismmp »

That's really cool. I'm guessing it's through Drive thru / One Book Shelf?
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Re: Genesys Foundry

Post by dnaphil »

That is still a system I would like to try playing outside of Star Wars.

I have played Star Wars and I liked the system, despite it's latency issues.

I would love to try it for Netrunner.
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Re: Genesys Foundry


I'm interested in this as well.

I always wondered how Genesys would handle the Exalted 1E campaigns....
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