Hello from Seattle!

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Hello from Seattle!

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I'm Derek, Seattleite by way of Minnesota, Alaska, and Oregon, and enthusiastic tabletop RPG player, and beginner GM.

Currently playing a slow-moving Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign, running a year-plus Starfinder campaign, and prepping to begin a Drop-in style D&D 5e group, as well as a campaign of Green Ronin's the Expanse RPG, hopefully to be streamed.

Also constantly hacking & creating things with the Cortex Prime SRD, including Temporaneous, a sort of heisty-style time travel game, Slayer Sessions, a Buffy-like slayer game, and too many others to mention.

I love everything I hear in the MM-verse, but have a special place for Panda's Talking Games, one of the first GM advice podcasts I listened to.

Look forward to chatting with everyone.

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Re: Hello from Seattle!

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Hi, Derek! Welcome to the Forums, and thanks for joining us! So glad you're enjoying the shows! :D
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Re: Hello from Seattle!


Welcome to the forums!

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