What has FM Gamers been up to?

Chris, Alana, Jane, and Jesse bring you Dungeons & Dragons actual play streaming every other Monday at 7 PM Eastern at https://www.twitch.tv/misdirectedmark
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What has FM Gamers been up to?


With Chris out temporarily, Jane, Jesse, and Lana have each taken their turn GMing other short adventures.

I was asked to step in as an additional player and the games have been excellent.

Jane GM'd a Gamma World one-shot involving our character exploring ancient tech.

Jesse GM'd a multi-week Monster of the Week Campaign involving the strange happenings at a Mall during the Holiday Season.

And this week Lana ran Uncharted Worlds for us, involving a Fast and the Furious style interstellar race...featuring Transforming Robots....

Check in with us every other Monday on the MMP Twitch channel to listen to us record live AP's.
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