S1E23 - Skin of Evil

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S1E23 - Skin of Evil

Post by dnaphil »

I picked this episode because of Tasha Yar, but it also sets Worf's character for the rest of the series.
The secondary reason for this episode will come in two weeks when we will get a call-back in an upcoming episode.

Overall, I have never liked this episode. Watching it now did not improve my feelings on it.

I think that the dramatic effect they were going for, fell flat.
I think that this could have been an episode where Troi could have saved herself but instead Picard white knights instead.

Of the episodes we watched this week, this one is a dud, but one that we need to have watched because of its impact on the series going forward.

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Re: S1E23 - Skin of Evil


It was not great dialog and I really didn't like the heavy handed villain or the eulogy section.

Apparently, Tasha only cared about the main characters.

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Re: S1E23 - Skin of Evil

Post by pksullivan »

Watched this last night before we did the watch party. I was surprised that it wasn’t as bad on a concept level as I remembered. The script is a little wonky but mostly it’s the pacing that’s off. It’s a very slow episode that doesn’t use the slowness and stillness to good effect. We know, as fans, that the reason Tasha was killed off is Denise Crosby didn’t think the show was going to last (ratings weren’t great that first season) so she abandoned ship. It wasn’t handled particularly well and the moral philosophy of the episode is pretty sophomoric, even by Trek standards. All that said, I’m surprised at how affecting it was. I did get choked up a bit during the inverse-eulogy.

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