S3 E17 Sins of the Father

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S3 E17 Sins of the Father


This is one I've seen before.

The sons of Mogh is something I remember from when this first aired. This is an episode with serious repercussions.

Plus, Picard gets to be a badass.
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Re: S3 E17 Sins of the Father

Post by dnaphil »

This episode is a big episode for Worf and it introduces the Duras family, which is something that come up again in this series and beyond it.

This episode is a pivotal episode for Worf. We are introduced to his Brother, there is more information about his past and the Khitomer Massacre.
This is also a big episode for Picard as he is selected to be Worf's Cha'DIch and we see Picard get into a fight with a few Klingons.

This episode is the bedrock of Worf's character arc and so much about Worf's story starts here.
We also see the sign of what kind of Warrior Worf is as he sacrifices his own honor to hold together the Empire.

We are going to see this won't be the only time Picard gets involved in Klingon politics...
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Re: S3 E17 Sins of the Father

Post by pksullivan »

I love the Klingon politics plotlines in TNG and DS9. This introduces them and uses Worf as the lens through which we explore the Klingon Empire. This is how the Klingons become more than stereotypes and Trek moves beyond its harmful tropes.
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Re: S3 E17 Sins of the Father

Post by Avi the Jackal »

Such a good episode.
I really love Worf's arc across this and DS9.
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Re: S3 E17 Sins of the Father

Post by JimLikesGames »

Blah blah blah honor blah blah blah House of this House of that blah blah blah.

Am I a bad person?
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Re: S3 E17 Sins of the Father

Post by Jared Rascher »

Watching this the same day that I watched the stream for the Day of Honor event hosted by Modiphius, and I was getting so burned out by the comments in the chat for the Twitch event, because there were so many "absolutes" flying around.

"This is what a Klingon would do."

"A Klingon would think that this was acceptable."

And what this episode shows is, Klingon society is like any other society. There are people that are earnest and follow what they believe, and there are people that pay lip service to certain virtues when it's expedient.

If there is something we've kind of seen across multiple series, it's that Klingon society goes through phases where its more fundamentalist, more pragmatically bound by tradition, and when it really just barely hangs on to it's cultural roots.

And that's just the big movements in history, and has nothing to do with individual Klingons living their lives day to day.
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