S6E15 Tapestry

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S6E15 Tapestry


Ummm... OK

I'm not sure why this one is included.

There are a lot of continuity problems and inconsistent writing here. So, I'll reevaluate once I find out why this one was included.

But I think that TNG works best when the stories are about multiple characters instead of just one for the entire episode.
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Jared Rascher
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Re: S6E15 Tapestry

Post by Jared Rascher »

Honestly? This is one of my favorite TNG episodes. I don't know why. I really do think that losing context in one important moment really could throw you off your path enough that you would end up in a radically different place years later, but it's always hard to conjecture on things like this, because, well, we've never traveled in time . . . that we know of.

There is a pretty solid basis for stories where someone can make a different choice at one point in life, and they end up realizing that the decisions they made, that they think were a mistake, are actually pretty foundational to their character.

Besides, how else would be be able to judge Shinzon later on? ;)
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Re: S6E15 Tapestry

Post by dnaphil »

I selected this episode because it reveals an interesting side to Picard, as well as it is a Q episode.

I have always enjoyed this episode, and I love how Q teaches Picard that we should live life with no regrets. That we are the sum of our experiences, and that making one change, can drastically change the very fabric of who we are.

To answer a question Jerry asked me before the show about why Lt. Picard did not look for Guinan when he was on the Enterprise. It is likely she was not on the Enterprise. Captain Picard met Guinan and brought her on board. It is doubtful that Lt. Picard would have met her let alone got her on the ship.
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