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I really liked this Episode.

You got to see Troi dealing with emotions versus what had to be done to keep the plan moving forward. (In this, I think she might have been a stronger character than Crusher).

Also the way the writers played with the Romulans. For a while, I was wondering if Troi's partner was the spy, a plant designed to get Troi to give up the disarming codes. (Not sure how she would know those though.)

Especially since he seemed more bloodthirsty and willing to kill others than the Captain, who shed light on Romulan society and her desire to save her crew and her people.

Just a good episode.
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Re: s6E14

Post by dnaphil »

I included this episode in the list because I thought it was a good Troi episode, and representative of some of the better writing she gets at the end of the series.

The changed into another species trope is a trope, and we will see it later in DS9 as well.

But I like this story because it shows that the Roumlans are not painted with one brush. The commander of the ship is not so different than her human counterparts. We did not watch Reunification, but those are another set of episodes that give his an insight into the Romulans as well.

Troi does a great job threading the needle and keeping her cover intact.
This episode held up better than I expected.
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Re: s6E14

Post by Jared Rascher »

Troi was great in this.

Was this the first time they mentioned the singularity drive that the Romulans use?
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