S6E19 - Lessons

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S6E19 - Lessons

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I selected this episode because it is a strong Picard episode and because of its strong ties to The Inner Light.

For the most part, Picard is a pretty private person, and not too lucky in the love department. Over the series, we have seen him in several failed romances, but in this episode, he has a rather successful relationship with Commander Daren. This makes it more bittersweet when it does not work out in the end.

What really gets me in this episode is that Daren is the first person he opens up to about his music and his life as Kamin. In doing so, we are reminded that he was in love for a lifetime as Kamin, even if Picard's romantic life has been sparse, hinting that either he has not needed romance in his life, or that having lost Eline, he is not ready to love again.

Despite that he falls in love with Cmd. Daren and they have an adorable romance, sneaking through the ship to play music.

Then we see the real challenge with being captain and being in love. You can only serve one master.
He has to send Daren on a dangerous away mission and when he thinks he has lost her, he closes the box his flute is in, and nearly resigns himself never to play again.

The ending is heartbreaking but realistic. Both Picard and Daren are career Starfleet and neither is willing to give that up. So in the end they go their separate ways.
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Re: S6E19 - Lessons

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All I can say is I think Picard has a weakness for blue uniforms.
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Re: S6E19 - Lessons


Good episode.

I especially liked that this was another "Enterprise uses science to save everyone" story.

I would have liked to have seen more of Beverly's interaction with Picard and the "new girl" but I know time is mlimited on a 1 hr show.

I did not like the new girl and I'm glad she's not a regular. I'm glad she was a competant person who was not about to put her career on hold for Picard. But She reminded me of a very Mercedes Lackey-esque "I can do everything perfectly and everyone notices and comments" person. But I liked how they resolved it.
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