S6E24 - Second Chances

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S6E24 - Second Chances

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I selected this episode because it introduces Thomas Riker.

This is another Transporter Accident episode. This time resulting in another Riker!

As a story, it is an interesting plot. A person split at a single moment in time, who then go on to live two different lives, only to meet years later.

For Cmd. Riker, it is looking back at yourself and knowing that your life did not go as planned. We are the culmination of our day-to-day experiences and Cmd. Riker's life took a very different path.

For Lt. Riker it's seeing your future self, except nothing came out as you expected. You are not Captain. You are not the risk-taker. You can't see how that person got to where they are from where you are sitting.

What surprises me is that the two get along so poorly. I would like to think that if I met a copy of myself, that I would have the empathy to understand where I was then and how difficult it would be to be in that situation. They are the only two people who can understand each other this well. Data and Worf addresses this on the last away mission.

In the end, Thomas' departure for a new position is the best thing.
And as a teaser...this won't be the last time we see Thomas Riker.
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Re: S6E24 - Second Chances


I really liked this episode, including the revelations about Riker's career path and the choices he made.

And, the fact that they didn't kill off the double. That was a surprise when I first saw it, because most other shows kill off the twin.

(I also think it could of been interesting if Will Died and Thomas survived....)

But I was also interested in how pissed off Will was with Tom, I wish it would have been a longer episode.
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