S1E18 - Duet

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S1E18 - Duet

Post by dnaphil »

I selected this episode for personal reasons. This is the episode that made me fall in love with this series.

This episode is a deep and dark drama. It could not be more opposite than TNG. It is a 2-character play between Kira and Marritza (played by Harris Yulin).

This episode is a series of twists. Numerous times when you think you know what is going on, another twist comes up, and the story tilts. The acting by Kira and Marritza is powerful. Both have intense scenes where the emotions are visible in their body language and facial expressions. Then when the story is fully revealed, and you relax and sigh, there is none final twist that takes what could have been an upbeat ending and steals that away.

The story does not connect to the greater fabric of the series, but when I first watched it, it showed me that there was another way to tell Trek stories. One where there is not a happy ending set a new course, and engage. There could be imperfect endings, endings that ended on downbeats. That Trek could look at topics like the psychological costs of war, and make us feel their pain.

Trek is always an adventure, and the best Trek episodes are also ones about morality and goodness. This episode shows that we can also look at pain and trauma and recognize the ugliness of it.

When I watched this episode, I was hooked on this series. If more stories could be about these topics. If this series was brave enough to explore these things, and do so with the raw emotions of this episode, I was going to stay until the end.
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Re: S1E18 - Duet

Post by RobAbrazado »

Agh, this episode is tremendous and I love it. That's all I have to say about that.
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