S1E11: Rivals

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S1E11: Rivals


One of the recommended episodes.

I liked this on a lot of levels.

First, Chris Sarandon and Barbara Bosson are always amazing actors.

Also, the relationship between O'Brien (who always comes off as a bit arrogant and stodgy) and Bashir (who they are finally moving beyond his creepy fascination with Dax). Plus, cool to see Bashir showing some athletic skills and the potential to be more than just a doctor and amateur secret agent.


1) Why does Odo allow prisoners to keep strange tech in the cell with them?

2) How did the crew NOT know about the new "Lucky" Casino and how it worked?

3) How many times is Sisko going to allow unknown alien tech that disrupts the whole station onto his ship?

Still a great episode. Especially the relationship between Keiko and Miles, where she is both supportive and a better listener than the villain...but still tells her husband the way it is and doesn't let him get away with deceiving himself. In other words, a partner not just his wife.
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