S2E7 - Rules of Acquisition

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S2E7 - Rules of Acquisition

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This episode was selected for just one word... Dominion.

This episode drops the first pebble in what will become something that will define this series and does so without it being the main part of the episode.

The episode is about Quark and the Ferengi. It is framed around a trade negotiation, which is really a ruse to reveal who is in power in the Gamma Quadrant, but that is also just the backdrop.

The story is really about Pel, a female Ferengi who is presenting as a male so that she can make profit and exist in the misogynistic Ferengi business world. Pel is smart and capable and winds up with feelings for Quark.

Overall I like the story and how Pel reveals herself to the Grand Nagus.

But what I think is great in this episode, is where Pel and Dax are talking Dax clearly knows Pel is in love with Quark and gets Pel to confess. But it only after Pel says that she is in love with Quark, that she reveals to Dax she is a woman, to which Dax is surprised. Which means that Dax was fully comfortable, and it hints it may be culturally acceptable, that Pel is queer, and in love with Quark.

There is no indication that Ferengi culture accepts homosexuality, but it does show Dax is pansexual, something that Terry Farrell confirmed after the series.

While that does not seem like a big deal now, that episode aired in 1993.
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Re: S2E7 - Rules of Acquisition


I also like how Quark finally stands up, showing that he has morals that override his greed.
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