S2E15 - Shadow Play

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S2E15 - Shadow Play

Post by dnaphil »

I picked this episode for two reasons. The first being that the word Dominion comes up again in this episode, and because we see Kira and Bareil kiss.

This episode is a pretty good multi-thread story. We have Dax and Odo solving a science problem, a security story about Kira is trying to bust Quark, and we have two personal stories one with Kira and Bareil and one about Jake and his dad.

This episode is a building block episode. It lays a number of bricks. We again hear about the Dominion, Kira and Bareil strike up a romance, and Jake informs Cmdr. Sisko that he does not want to go to Starfleet. All of these things will extend into future episodes.

I also really liked the Dax and Odo story. It was a good science plot and had a nice twist.

I enjoyed this episode upon rewatch.
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Re: S2E15 - Shadow Play

Post by RobAbrazado »

Like I said, I've been mostly going off memory so far in DS9 Watch Club, but it's apparent that I only really remembered the "A" plot of this episode, so Phil's description of it does make me want to go back and give this another run-through. In my memory it was "fine" as, like...a science puzzle episode, though anything first presented as a mystery always benefits from having Odo on the case. :) The big thing that stands out for me thinking back on this one is Odo's, just...pure attitude. Like toward the beginning the local cop or whoever is threatening to detain them, and he's like, "Whatever, man. Runabout, beam me out of here," and he disappears and then just comes back, and is like, "Cool, can we just chill like regular people now?" I loved that. :)

Anyway. If I can, I'll try and get back to this one and take in the rest of the sights besides the main planet mystery. I admit the main plot means a shitload more to me after having seen...you know...all of Voyager ;), but yeah...I may need to go back and check this one out again.
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