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Dax and Odo

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 2:12 pm
by RobAbrazado
Okay, this may be a little premature, but I gotta get this out there before the idea puffs out of my brain in a cloud of ADHD. But (motivated by a different post) I just started watching "Shadowplay," and still in the cold open I paused the show and hopped over here, because I just had a tremendous thought.

I want to see more Dax and Odo!

I feel like that's a relationship that isn't deeply explored, and I think it deserves to be. The two of them are both effectively immortal (though for very different reasons and with very different effects), so I imagine they'd have to end up friends, but it occurred to me that at the time of this show, Dax is relatively old (by constantly referencing "seven liftetimes"), and Odo is relatively young ( a sentience, I guess), though in that Data kind of way where he's chronologically young but smart enough to currently be a "mature" humanoid. Anyway. It came to me that there is a lot to explore there!

I also know that in, like, a season or so, we're going to be taking a much closer and different look at a Dax/Odo interplay, so maybe I'll have further thoughts then, but for now I'm just awash in headcanon possibilities. Because the two of them could be so long-lived, and because the both of them will-slash-can look completely different in the future, this could literally be any story at all. But for now...I'm just mulling over the idea of these two long-lived beings and how they'd get along over the many, many years.

For Skyjacks fans, yeah, I'm not particularly thinking about Travis and Gable, but I'm not not thinking about Travis and Gable, ya know?

Re: Dax and Odo

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 12:04 pm
by dnaphil
In these early seasons, the writers did not have a good grasp on either character. Lucky for us, they get much better at writing for both of them in the coming seasons.

I don't want to spoil anything, but I think both of these characters get a real boost in stories come season 4. The events of Season 4, do a lot to push their characters into the spotlight.