TNG S7E24 - Preemptive Strike

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TNG S7E24 - Preemptive Strike

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I picked this episode because it has a Marquis tie-in, and it helps conclude the Ensign Ro storyline (if you were with us in the TNG watch club).

As with most of Season 7 TNG, the writers are wrapping up storylines for characters, and this is Ro's episode.

We get to see Lt. Laren, as she has completed Advanced Tactical training, and a very proud Captain Picard, who took a chance on Ro.

Then Ro goes on an undercover mission to infiltrate the Marquis, but along the way (and somewhat predictable) she becomes sympathetic to their cause, and in the end, like other Starfleet officers, she defects to the Marquis. Most of the story is a set up for this moment. We see Ro learning about their cause, finding a friend/father figure, and then watching him get killed. She is then asked to betray the Maquis, and eventually defects.

The ending of the episode we see the quiet anger of Captain Picard, who takes Ro's defection the hardest.
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Re: TNG S7E24 - Preemptive Strike


I was disappointed that the Enterprise didn't destroy the Maquis fighters attacking the Cardassian freighter.

It's completely in character for Picard to give them a chance to break it off without a battle. However, if the torpedo strike hadn't worked, they would have destroyed another Cardassian ship. IT's a (good) weakness for Picard.
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