S4E1 & 2 - The Way of the Warrior

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S4E1 & 2 - The Way of the Warrior

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I selected this episode because it is the start of Season 4 and of course, WORF!

This episode begins a tonal shift for the series as the new writers are starting to deliver on the groundwork they laid as they took over in Season 3.

With TNG ending, and TNG: Generations wrapped, Michael Dorn was free to move on to new projects, and he joins the DS9 Cast. I remember when this originally aired, this was EPIC. I was so excited for one of my favorite TNG cast members join what was becoming my favorite ST show.

Upon re-watch, none of that is lost. It is clear the writers really like writing for Worf and for the Klingons. Worf's arrival is fantastic and his well-calculated throwdown in Quark's is fantastic.

My favorite moment of that scene is just before the fight when Jadiza says something to Worf in Klingon, and Worf is speechless. Dax never says what she said, but knowing Jadiza it was somewhat inappropriate but very Klingon.

This episode then goes on to unroll a great story. The Klingons going to their old ways, an invasion of Cardassia, and then an epic battle on DS9.

There are a number of great things about the DS9 Battle.

For starters, it is about this time that the Special Effects department started to embrace CGI technology, so we are now able to get large-scale battles that are much easier to do in CGI than with traditional models.

Second, DS9 which was mostly unarmed and defenseless in early seasons has been preparing for a Dominion attack, and now is bristling with weapons. The line about "arm odd number photon launchers" was jaw-dropping when I first watched it.

Lastly, Gul Dukat and Garak fighting side-by-side was one of my favorite moments. The hatred they have for each other is put aside for their love of their world, but even so, they cannot do it without a number of quips.

One more thing, in TNG, there was a bad trope of things beating up Worf to look strong. In this episode, we see Worf as a total bad ass and it was great to see.

This was one hell of a way to start a season.
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Re: S4E1 & 2 - The Way of the Warrior

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I have nothing much to add here. What a way to kick off a season, a cast change, a lasting crossover, a major plot arc development...everything. So great to see!
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