S4E2 - The Visitor

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S4E2 - The Visitor

Post by dnaphil »

I selected this episode because it is ranked (and rightfully so) as one of the 5 best DS9 episodes.

This episode is a nice breather after the season opener. It is still a powerful story but one that takes us out of the main plotline for a bit.

What got me when I first watched it and more so on re-watch is how well the connection between Ben and Jake is. This is in part to the writers and a large part to the actors, including Tony Todd who plays the adult Jake.

This is a great sci-fi time-travel story, that works so well because we care so much for the two characters.

This is peak DS9.
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Re: S4E2 - The Visitor


Wow...Todd has Jake's mannerisms and speaking pattern down pat.

Interesting ending. Does Ben remember the rest?
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Re: S4E2 - The Visitor

Post by RobAbrazado »

Just a bit of "meta" trivia that I like: this isn't the first (nor the last!) time we see Tony Todd in the franchise. He also plays the recurring character of Worf's once-secret brother, Kurn! I dunno...something just tickles me about the idea of Jake growing up to be like a son of Mogh. :D
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