Epics and On-line play.

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Epics and On-line play.

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I was doom scrolling through Facebook this week when I ran across pictures I took from the Descent in Avernus showed up. After pushing down a wave of terror of James Intercaso tormenting me in a bird Plague mask, I wondered why we don't see Epics as the hallmark of online conventions. Multi-tiered epics and 'open' games are what I usually remember most from RPG conventions. Being able to play and have a shared experience is something I enjoy. In short, they are a lot of fun.

Has anyone participated in an online epic? I didn't see one the Gencon schedule, but I admit to not looking too hard after I missed the initial sign up period. Does anyone know of an online convention where an online epic is being run? I'd like to experience it.

For those of you have run Opens/Epcis, like Shawn and Teos, what do you think the logistical challenges of organizing an epic online? I know communication is always a challenge with online games. Still, I believe in a shared Discord server, a process could be developed to notify the organizers of key events supplanting the role of table-runner. Drop-in and random events could be modeled by the channel-per-table model, too.

If anyone has any thoughts about this, I'd love to hear them.

// EJ
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Re: Epics and On-line play.

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Hey John, listen to the show when it drops Thursday for some details on this question. Thanks for listening and for your patronage!
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