DwDD – Exploring Exploration, Pt. 2

The Mad Wizard Shawn Merwin and Teos "Alphastream" Abadia dish about everything D&D with a focus on the brand and newest edition of the world's most popular Tabletop RPG.
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DwDD – Exploring Exploration, Pt. 2

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Walking the twisting, winding path of all the facets of exploration, once more, Shawn and Teos pull out their verbal machetes* and cut through the brush of why exploration is important to Dungeons & Dragons and how to combine it with other types of encounters to create a cohesive adventure. Links...

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Re: DwDD – Exploring Exploration, Pt. 2

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It was a lot of fun getting feedback from listeners on this one. Keep the feedback coming, here or on Twitter. Thanks!
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