S4E9 Final Mission

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S4E9 Final Mission


Interesting episode.

The interplay between Wes and Picard is fun. And Wesley is nowhere near as annoying as I remember him at the time. (I like him this time around).

I liked the science and the fact that it shows how skilled Wes is.

Geordi should do a better job at inspecting shuttlecraft....

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Re: S4E9 Final Mission

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This episode was selected because it is the last mission for Wes before he heads off to Starfleet Academy.

This is a solid science problem episode, as Wes needs to figure out how to overcome the guardian that protects the water source, and do it before Picard's injuries are too grave.

There are a few touching scenes between Wes and Picard, who has become a father figure to him. Picard is often so stoic, that it is only when he is one on one with someone that we see his more vulnerable sides, as we did with his brother, after their fight in the vineyard.

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