S4E11 Data's Day

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S4E11 Data's Day



How is Data "Father of the Bride"?

I like the Barber. Does he show up again?

Some great insight into Data. Geordi: "Just don't try it on the captain" Data-without hesitation: "No"

When did Data get Spot? (And why is that not a must watch episode? LOL)

OMG! The grin during the dance lessons. (Though I believe that there may have been a dance double during some of the tap...)

And they loaded the Torpedo Tubes BEFORE they got into battle! Huzzah.

Looks like the Romulans are a major villain this season?

IT was fun watching a "slice of life" episode.

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Re: S4E11 Data's Day

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This episode was selected for a few reasons.
First, it introduces Keiko O'Brien. She will show up over and over in both TNG and later in DS9.
Second, it introduces Spot, Data's cat, who will also show up in several more episodes as well as in the movies.
Lastly, it is a great Data episode, giving you insight into the life of Data as he talked to Dr. Maddox (from The Measure of a Man).

I like this, slice of life, episode.
There is a secondary plot about the ambassador, but the focus of this episode is Data navigating his way through life and dealing with human relationships.

For Jerry:
Mot, the Bolian Barber, will make a few more minor appearances in the show.
This episode is the first time we see Spot. We never see when Data got him, but this is the first time we see him in his quarters.

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