New Savage world game, requesting feedback.

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shades of eternity
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New Savage world game, requesting feedback.

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Savage worlds - post-apocalyptic game (using weird wars 2 and day after Ragnarok)
Well, the Last Game went well, although a lot of it was improv because of PC's actions.
The overall theme is Barbarians vs Fascists (you know what I'm talking about).

The party consists of:
1. A bug monster with four arms
2. A dwarf adventurer based loosely on Jack Harkness and has a techno gauntlet as his main weapon.
3. A grumpy old druid that has dedicated his life to stopping illegal hunting (I have no idea how he decides this in the post-apocalypse)
4. A Halfling ninja whose answer is usually murder followed by extreme justification.

Oh, and the Dwarf has a Tamagotchi called "Nora" that he picked up at the beginning of the game.
It started in a post-apocalyptic city called Styxx (cribbed from Darwin's world), where they just got off a zeppelin and are at the docks. A crate broke open and three enormous scorpions broke out.
So naturally, our party decided to distract them and put them out of the port instead of fighting them. They were essentially dumped on rocks safely nearby.
When the merchant who owned said scorpions as a delicacy, he got booted off al la 300, but was saved by the dwarf so he scampered back to his place of residence.
The party decided to follow them back to a mansion and after yammering on a decision, saw an IzNotz flag in the window and went in as two teams.
1. The druid turned into a spider and the dwarf acted as if to sell him to get intel on a job and/or fortune.
2. The ninja and the bug snuck in to see what they could loot.

They met the big bad in the meeting room, a small guy with a big mutated head who almost purchased said the spider, until two IzNotz grunts found out about the bug.

One fight later, everybody but the two guards at the door were dead (the party let them go as they appeared to not be IzNotz as one of them entertained him with baby pictures), lit the place on fire, and are now looting the place.
They found the following:
Chest full of Canadian pennies.
Chest full of Canadian tire money.
A secret passage
Two animated corpses reinforced with metal that just woke up. (Axis Stitches)

I'm open to any and all suggestions on how to proceed at this point.

edit: if you want to see the train wreck with your own eyes, here's the link.
shades of eternity
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Re: New Savage world game, requesting feedback.

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Long story short my players dived into an underground bunker in the house to trounce IzNotz.

The place smelt of Saurkraut and fear.

They collected suspiciously cribbed treasure from wolfenstein 3d.

They rescued Scorpia and her little friend Snappy.

They also found the Journal of Otto Skorzeny on the 23rd (where they found out their Tamagotchi Nora is actually spelled Norad, and one character is seriously jealous because he outright says he has a Jetpack, neener, neener).

After cleaning out the area, they are in the trader's district of Styxx where half the party wants downtime to purchase stuff and the other half wants to incite a slave rebellion.

They also want payback on the gargantuan-headed psychic guy Doctor Henrich von Megamind as they killed his puppet doppleganger an episode earlier.
I do like the idea of a 3d printer. the party has already smashed a computer and a radio station so I expect similar results.

They have been horking guns off the opponent and using them because yesh Savage Worlds loves their guns. Been only using single shot guns and if the opponents had been wildcards, they probably would have been heavily wounded.

open to suggestions on how to proceed.
shades of eternity
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Re: New Savage world game, requesting feedback.

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The new player whom was using a stock character spent a good amount of time redoing it, but long story short, the following happened.

1. The party decided to go to the mini-mall and emanipate some slaves. Some did it because it was the right thing to do. Some did it because they saw a shiny sword being used by the IzNot that decided they were.

They decided the best course of action was to buy a wheelbarrel and swipe a whole bunch of weapons.

the ninja killed the swordsman in one blow and honestly, the party cut through the slavers with ease.

But a legendary figure was waiting for them.

Otto Skorzeny the 23rd, popped up the raised level of the mall, fired a gun that acted as a distraction while he used a magnitization ray to steal nora the tamaguichi and immediately blasted off with his jetpack.

The party tried every single trick they had, but the villain had bennies and manged to get away.

Once the local authorities showed up, they found out Otto Skorzeny the 23rd had already paid for everything (including the slave rebellion) and said it was a demonstration.

He also dared the party to follow him into the desert.

He also wrote got the last word in his letter because apparently Otto plans for everything. :p

so the party is now going to be trudging through the desert.

I'm open to suggestions on stuff to happen to them in the desert.

Since I'm using Savage worlds, I'm going to use a Dramatic Task as a Skill challenge so open to overall suggestions.

I really want to test the vehicle rules and own Wierd Wars so has anybody ever used the vehicle insert in roll20?
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