Topic suggestion - Hacking

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Topic suggestion - Hacking

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Hello MMP,

Thank you for doing a show on both of my topics.
I come today with another interesting topic.

How to make Hacking work and be playable at the table in Cyberpunk / sci-fi games?

Here are common problems I see/encounter in Hacking?
  • Hacking is an isolated sub-system - how to integrate it? even Sprawl didn't managed to do that
  • Hacker stays back at the base and hacks while everyone else goes on a mission - any other tips to make hacker go on mission except making everything analogue or LAN-only?
  • GMs refuse to allow Hacker to be played because they have no idea how to handle the two points above
  • Hacker is allowed to do too much or too little - hack a plane mid-flight while being 1000km away or nope, sorry you need to go down to server room past the guards, traps, alarms, killer bots to hack the mainframe - where is the golden happy middle that everyone's happy with?
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