Your Best Leading Question

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Your Best Leading Question

Post by chrismmp »

This weeks topic for chatter is give us your best leading question. Not only do we want to hear them but we will answer some of our favorites on the next episode of MMP.
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Re: Your Best Leading Question

Post by zircher »

How is the current revolting situation not your fault?

Why is the angry mob chasing you?
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Re: Your Best Leading Question

Post by RobAbrazado »

What happened to the other half of that amulet?
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Eric FIH
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Re: Your Best Leading Question

Post by Eric FIH »

In the epic game of Rockalypse that I ran at QCC a couple years ago, the question I led with after we did world-building was, "Which one of you just had their heart broken?"

And Weregator took it from there. :D
Eric Simon (he/him)
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Re: Your Best Leading Question


"How do you know (plot important NPC) and why are they important to you?"

"You recognize one of the bounty hunters. How do you know them?"

"Since last week the party has been settling into the city. Who did the player to your right meet, and why are they friends now?"

"What did you do for the royal family in the past that both makes the king dislike you and respect your ability?"

"Which of your relatives is waiting tables?"
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Re: Your Best Leading Question

Post by Emmett »

Pirates arrogantly walk in your door. Are you expecting them or are you grabbing a weapon?
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Re: Your Best Leading Question

Post by Avi the Jackal »

What's a notable feature of the terrain here?

What dangerous creature inhabits these woods?

What subtle clue do you notice that gives away the fact that Eight-track has been replaced by a body double?

What do you see that tells you this town is desperate and the residents might be willing to do terrible things?
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