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Con on the Cob

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 4:04 pm

I submitted two events for Con on the Cob (October 3-6 in Richfield Ohio):

O.N.E. Metalfyre: The Manticore Agenda:

Anime Roleplaying Adventure in the Future that Never Was.

The NazGard Corporation is sponsoring a celebration for the 50th Anniversary of the Martian Colonies. However, your contacts think that the Corp is planning something much more sinister for the event.

Can your team gather intel, infiltrate the Heliopolis Arcology, and prevent the evil NazGard schemes?

Intrigue, chases, heists, action, and giant robot shenanigans are all part of foiling The Manticore Agenda.

Come playtest the newest edition of the O.N.E. (Ordered Number Engine) system. Characters will be generated at the table.

No experience necessary, but 6d6 and a love of Storytelling Action Games will be useful.

Barbarians of Lemuria: The Mysterious Curse of Braclan D'Meer.

After a successful campaign against the Jade Enchantress, your heroes are returning home. But catastrophe sets in and the brave adventurers are stranded on an island with secretive villagers, strange constructions, mysterious guards, disappearances in the night, and whispers of strange goings-on at the Manor House of the D'Meer family.

Can the explorers save the doomed townspeople and remove the Mysterious Curse of Braclan D'Meer?

This is a fairly rules-light game. No experience is necessary. Pre Generated characters will be provided.

Due to the possible scenes of Eldritch Horror, this is a Hard PG-13/ Soft R game. However, X Card and other safety tools will be used.

Is anyone else attending next month?