Looking for a GM and/or Players despite my GMT timezone

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Looking for a GM and/or Players despite my GMT timezone

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I'd really like to find a new game and new people to play with.

I'd be especially interested in playing with fans of MMP and Pandas who are aware of the advice they provide and are keen to apply their recommendations...

...so here seems to be the best place to look for some.

I'm happy to join one-shots, short arcs or ongoing campaigns.

If it's a game I never played it's even better but I'm not gonna start listing them as I am happy to play anything really.

The trick, however, is that I am located within the GMT timezone (an "actual" queen time :lol: ) and that I'm caring for my son so the time when I am available to play is as follow (for the duration of our self-isolation and/or my unemployment).

BST (British Summer Time): 7pm to 11pm
EDT: 2pm to 6pm / CDT - 1pm to 5pm

BST (British Summer Time): 2pm to 11pm
EDT: 9am to 6pm / CDT - 8am to 5pm

It might be a longshot but I thought it is worth a try.

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