The Wandering Earth

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The Wandering Earth

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Other than seeing a lot of people buzzing about this movie when it showed up on Netflix, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from it. I watched it last night, and now I really want to pull a lot of these concepts into some kind of gameable form.

I wasn't entirely expecting a 2001/Armaggeddon hybrid, but that was a pleasant surprise. I'm really intrigued by the setting, both for the discreet underground cities and the ravaged surface (without giving away too much of the plot).

On top of really enjoying a lot of the concepts in the movie for an overall setting, about halfway through the movies, I started wondering "what if they found a ship full of Aliens right at this point?"

The one thing that I didn't like was the unfortunately true to Micheal Bay character comment that was played up as a one-off joke, but turns out to be a really creepy reveal about their character without context. Thankfully, this isn't really followed up on, although that leaves some disturbing questions as well.
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