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Time to potentially poke the bear

The tv show preacher has a great cast and really feels like it's hitting its stride this season, but people talk about it and the actors like they have an std.

I think they gave Jesse and Tulip actual personalities unlike the comics.

Cassidy steals the show on a regular basis and has become one of my favorite vampires of all time. More importantly, they got rid of the worst parts of his character from the comics so you can root for him, despite his flaws.

Hitler being in charge of hell now is awesome and surprisingly organic in setup.

The Saint of Killers has an old School Undertaker vibe and it has made him frieking amazing.

The Grail is such a mix of stupid bureaucracy and evil intentions that they have become entertaining without any of the main cast on stage.

and their use of the absurdity with the macabre has given me hours of entertainment. :)
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