Intro - Listening to Podcast Time Capsules

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Intro - Listening to Podcast Time Capsules

Post by Khalor »

Hey folks. I'm an off and on listener to Misdirected Mark. Recently, I decided to start trying to catch up on the backlog, and found myself starting up right at the New Year's 2020 episode, where everyone was so full of hope with how 2020 would turn out. It's been surreal listening to a quick version of how the pandemic started and how people were, knowing how long it has persisted. I've just gotten through the first few Salon episodes, and overall, it's been an experience, getting a view of history in a time capsule effect.

I'm still pretty far behind, but hope everyone's still doing ok, all things considered.
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Re: Intro - Listening to Podcast Time Capsules

Post by RobAbrazado »

Wow, yeah...that has to be quite a trip! I imagine it's going to be a pretty heavy experience to relive 2020 through the lens of the podcast archives. Hope it goes all right!

Thanks for listening, and welcome to the Forums!
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