Consent In Gaming

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Consent In Gaming

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There's a lot of hate being thrown around about this document. I think a lot of it is strange because it's saying the checklist does the opposite of what it does.

So the arguments mainly fall under the concept that consent undermines (usually the GM's) creativity. This is a loss of some agency for the GM, yes. However denying the other players their agency to pick a game is usually considered bad GMing. There's some consideration to be given to the GM because of the work they do but that's where the consent form comes in.

The majority of complaints are actually how the X card works. The idea of a game being "disrupted" at any time. In reality the consent form should prevent most disruption because it makes the table aware of potential issues early. If a GM is handed a form that objects to content they're expecting to have in the game, and removing or reskinning it is not going to work, the responsible thing is to let that player know that they would not enjoy that game. This fixes the issues of playing a game for three hours and having to walk away from the table.

I think what is still needed is a way for a GM to advertise what their game is about in a proactive way, maybe with a different check list and using broad topics with ratings (fantasy horror PG-13, themes of …) so players know what to expect. A way to make the GM's intent more clear.
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