Star Trek Adventures Summary Sheets

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Star Trek Adventures Summary Sheets

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I have really been enjoying my Star Trek Adventures game so far, but I've run into a few instances where I don't think the book places what is needed for the various aspects of the game in close proximity to one another. With that in mind, I made a few rules summary pages.

Starship Combat ... sp=sharing

Starship combat is one of the most procedurally governed aspect of the game, but when it's followed, it does feel very much like Star Trek style ship combat. That said, the rules are scattered around the core book, and weapon damage isn't summarized in a nice chart like personal scale weapons.

Interpersonal Combat ... sp=sharing

This is my summary of interpersonal combat. I didn't include the weapons chart, because its summarized in chart for in the core book and also on the GM screen. I did include the momentum spends for combat.

Also, I really wanted to summarize the melee attack proceedure, because getting into hand and hand can go really wrong, and I had to remind myself of how it worked after running Dishonored, which doesn't work the same way.

Acclaim, Reprimand, and Awards ... sp=sharing

For anyone using the new rules for Reputation from the Klingon core book, with the conversion document for the original book, I put all of the Acclaim, Reprimand, and Award options on one sheet, since the Awards are all in Command Division, and I wanted to have all of them in one place.
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