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Welcome for Registered Users

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Welcome, adventurer! So you've signed up for an account and are ready to join the conversation; here's what you should do first.

As an anti-spam measure, the first post from all new users must pass moderation before they can post freely. This is a great chance to introduce yourself! Head on over to the Introductions forum and post a hello and tell us about yourself! The post will enter the moderation queue and will be approved as soon as a moderator gets the chance. After that, you can post and reply all you want without moderation.

The rest of the site is arranged by various categories to highlight different areas of interest.
  • The Misdirected Mark Productions category is for general, network-wide and community news and discussion and the administrative and help area for the whole Forums site.
  • The Network Podcasts and Streams category has a forum for each show on the network. Our helpful EpisodeBot posts links to new episodes in the appropriate forum, and you can discuss each episode or start a brand new topic relevant to that forum's show.
  • The Encoded Designs category contains forums for discussion of products from, you guessed it, Encoded Designs, the publishing arm of Misdirected Mark Productions.
  • The Tabletop Game Discussion category is just what it sounds like, and mostly why we're all here. Check out a forum that interests you, from design to conventions to promotion, and see what people have to say!
  • The Misdirected Mark Watch Club category is for occasional group watch-alongs. Keep an ear out on the Misdirected Mark podcast for more details!
  • Other Discussion is the catch-all for topics not covered above. If you'd like to see a new forum added to this category, let the admins know! You can post in the Questions and Feedback forum, or you can use the "Contact us" link at the bottom of every page on the site.
Always feel free to reach out to the admins if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks, and enjoy yourself. We're happy to have you here!
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