S4E21 - The Drumhead

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S4E21 - The Drumhead

Post by dnaphil »

I selected this episode for just being a solid episode.

I really liked this episode when I first watched it, and upon re-watch it held up great. It is a classic story of power gone out of control, and how conspiracy can run rampant.

Picard's use of the Admirals father's words to shut her down, was a great turn, and another great moment to let Picard give a speech.

A few bits of trivia:
Jonathan Frakes (Riker) directed the episode.
The story was inspired by the McCarthy Hearings of the 50s.
A bit of trivia, Michael Dorn (Worf) said this was one of his favorite TNG episodes.
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Re: S4E21 - The Drumhead


I really enjoyed this episode.

Showed the power and folly of the Federation High Command. (Shades of the Jedi Council, anyone?)

And shows how and why Picard is the best Star Fleet Captain in peacetime.
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Re: S4E21 - The Drumhead

Post by JimLikesGames »

This episode is also noteworthy in having an Admiral that actually had his shit together. When he just stand up and walks out on her without saying anything... ouch.
Jim Crocker
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Re: S4E21 - The Drumhead

Post by Jared Rascher »

The concept that we have to preemptively persecute people for the good of the government is something that only got more relevant in between this episode and the modern-day. It also kind of struck home when she called Picard naive, because I've been on the receiving end of that as well, not because I didn't understand that something was possible, but because I wanted to find out if something was true the right way.
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