s7E25 & 26 - All Good Things

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s7E25 & 26 - All Good Things

Post by dnaphil »

This is the series conclusion, so it was picked for obvious reasons.

Overall, I really enjoy this episode. I think the whole premise of the temporal problem is great, and back when it aired in '94 the idea of a reverse time paradox was pretty mind-blowing.

I liked that the producers were smart to go with the two-part episode, giving themselves enough time to fit the story without it being rushed.

As a series finale, I think that this episode has a lot. It gives us a glimpse of a possible future for the crew. We see the other Captian Picard, Governor Worf, Professor Data, Jordi as an author, and Admiral Riker and a much tougher Enterprise. Then the episode bounces back to remind us of where the show came from, by showing us the moments before Encounter at Farpoint and then finally bouncing back into the current season. Throughout the episode, we are treated to seeing where the show came from, where it is, and where it could go.

Then finally, bringing back Q, to show that everything that is happening is directly related to the first encounter with Q, in Encounter at Farpoint, was perfect. It tied everything that happened in the pilot to the finale.

The conclusion of the temporal problem was a true TNG science problem and wrapped up nicely with some time to spare.

The final scene of the poker game, and the captain joining the senior staff was great, showing Picard opening up to his crew, a sign of how much he had changed since the start of the series.

As the camera pulls away from the Enterprise heading off into space, we get less of a sense that the crew and the Enterprise is done, and more of a sense that we are leaving them, as they continue their journies.
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Re: s7E25 & 26 - All Good Things

Post by pksullivan »

Of the Trek series endings, this is my favorite. TOS didn't really get one in a satisfying way - something I think that actually worked to its benefit as it left fans ultimately unsatisfied and craving more Trek, which paved the way for the success of the films and ultimately TNG, DS9, and everything after. It's a nice bow to tie everything together with the pilot episode and I like Q's assertion that the trial never stops, implying the crew will continue to have adventures.
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