S4E4 - Indiscretion

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S4E4 - Indiscretion

Post by dnaphil »

I selected this episode because it introduces Zlyal and to a lesser extent it is the first time we see the Breen.

One of the things I enjoy in DS9 is when some part of Kira's past re-emerges. This story opens with rumors of the location of the Ravinok a prisoner transport that carried a member of Kira's resistance cell.

Quickly, the stakes jump when the Cardassians want to be part of the recovery effort and then Gul Dukat arrives. Anytime Gul Dukat is on the screen is a treat, but paired up with Kira who loathes him, makes for amazing tension. But from the time Dukat appears, we know something is up.

What we learn is not what we expected. Dukat's Bajoran mistress was on the transport and died. We see a touching moment of him mourning her loss, and for a brief moment, we feel for him, right up until we find out that his half-Cardassian daughter lived and he is going to kill her. Then we are back to the Dukat we all loathe.

In the end, he does not kill her and she is rescued. Dukat takes Zlyal home to Cardassia.
We will see her again in future episodes.
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Re: S4E4 - Indiscretion


I love how Dax sees nothing wrong in meddling in everyone else's love life.

Did Dukat just pull a "Slavery was good for Bajorans?" Wow...

Sort of a fanfic moment with Domme Kira and sub-Dukat in the cave...

And the Jake and Ben scene is priceless...

Plus, I never knew the Breen were all dressed like Leia from ROTJ.

Good episode.

(And there is a great, occasional meme-comic called according to Ziyal on Dominion Media Television that can be funny)
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Re: S4E4 - Indiscretion

Post by RobAbrazado »

I have mixed feelings about this episode. Ehhh...they're not that mixed, I guess, actually; they're all pretty bad. :) It is an important foundation for future storylines and such...that's about the good I can say about it. The rest...yikes. As much as I get Dukat as a kind of "you love to hate him" kind of character, there was just so much problematic stuff here that I was honestly made uncomfortable by the episode, and then the fact that there's the comedy break scene for yuks where he sits on the sand spike...it just seemed extra gross to try and "humanize" Dukat under these circumstances. Besides the "slavery is good for you" angle that Jerry mentioned, there's also just the existence of his relationship with his "mistress" to absorb, not even including his attitude about his child. In a broad sense, Cardassians represent all the shittiness of military conquerors and occupiers, and then somehow we also have Dukat to personally embody a distillation of the same. I'm just not here for Kira sharing a laugh with him over some slapstick nonsense. Like...I get the humor of the scene? I even laugh at it. And then I feel gross about laughing at it.
GMGERRYMANDER wrote: Sun Oct 25, 2020 8:09 pm Plus, I never knew the Breen were all dressed like Leia from ROTJ.
Ha! No lies detected there. You just know they're all packing thermal detonators. ;)
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