S4E10 & 11 - Homefront and Paradise Lost

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S4E10 & 11 - Homefront and Paradise Lost

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I selected these episodes because they tell a good story about the fear of the Dominion and are overall two intense episodes. There are a number of secondary reasons as well, which I will get to at the end...

These episodes are a good set of thriller episodes, where we see an Admiral who has the right intentions but betrays his oath. Sikso and Odo figure out what he is up to and leads to a great showdown with Sisko and Admiral Leyton and Worf vs. Captain Benteen in the Defiant vs. the Lakota.

What hits home for me in these episodes is that these episodes talk about trading freedom for security. They aired in 1996, 5 years before 9/11. And everything that these episodes warn about, feels to have come true. When I re-watched these, a few months ago, while putting the list together, I realized that I have a very different perspective on this. When these episodes aired, it was science fiction, and now, we can see what happened 20 years later.

While I appreciate the thriller story they tell, these episodes are bittersweet for me, because so much of it has come true.

The Secondary Reasons
Here are the secondary reasons I selected these episodes:
This is the first time we see Ben's Father. He will be back several more times.
We see Cadet Nog in his true Cadet Uniform.
We hear about Red Squad. We will re-visit that in one of my favorite episodes later in the series.
Also, this is the time that Odo goes to Starfleet Command. This will become important later as well.
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