S4E13 - Return to Grace

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S4E13 - Return to Grace

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I selected this episode as it shows us the next steps in Dukat's evolution, and it introduces us to Damar.

In this episode, we see the consequences of Dukat's decision to bring Ziyal to Cardassia. He is ruined politically, his marriage is over, and he is demoted to a lowly cargo ship. After all of that he is still Dukat, insisting on running battle drills during his trips.

We see how far Dukat has sunk when the Klingon ship won't even fire on his ship, because there is no honor in it. Then Kira helps Dukat find a new purpose, and by the end of the episode, Dukat has gone full pirate.

While Dukat evolves into something else, he is still Dukat. His obsession with Kira is uncomfortable, at best, throughout the episode and it's amazing that Kira did not break his nose.

While it is not obvious in this episode, keep an eye on Damar, Dukat's second in command. We will be seeing a lot out Damar as the series progresses.

In the end Ziyal comes to DS9, as Dukat and Damar embark on their pirate career. We will see more about Ziyal on the station in upcoming episodes.
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Re: S4E13 - Return to Grace


I have always enjoyed both Ziyal and Damar, though I never saw this episode. It also shows how good Kira is at adapting and succeeding at otherwise impossible tasks.
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