S4E14 - the Sons of Mogh

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S4E14 - the Sons of Mogh

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I selected this episode because we see the fate of Kurn, who we met in TNG.

This episode is a reminder that Worf's actions have consequences for other people. Up to this point, his choice not to follow Gowron, seemed to only affect his honor, but then we see that it also ruined Kurn. And with his arrival on the station, Worf has to deal with a broken and ruined Kurn.

I like that Jadiza's knowledge of Klingon culture is used throughout the episode and at times to buffer Worf and Sisko.

In the end, the solution of Kurn is both understandable and lacks a bit of consent. Though, in Klingon culture, Worf is the head of the house, and Kurn answers to him. But still, I feel like they could have done a bit more with Kurn being part of the plan.
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Re: S4E14 - the Sons of Mogh


This one was interesting, but I was not a fan of the outcome. It felt like the writers wrote themselves into a corner. I would have rather seen Kurn do something else like join the General or become a freedom fighter or even join the Maquis
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