S4E15 - Bar Association

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S4E15 - Bar Association

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I selected this episode because it is a great Rom episode and moves Rom out of Quark's bar and into the Station Engineering crew.

This episode is a lot of fun. Rom starts a union. Brunt re-appears to help Quark break it up. We learn that O'Brien comes from a line of Union Men. We see the appreciation and affection of Leeta towards Rom.

I really like DS9 episodes that focus on other species, and this one is no different. We are heading into the end of the season, which means that main plotline will start heating back up. These bottle episodes do a great job of showing us other parts of the station and other characters.

At the end, Rom wins, but then wins again when he leaves the Bar and joins the maintenance crew. We have seen for some time, Rom's technical skill, and in Our Man Bashir we see him anchoring the efforts to save the crew. This is a nice evolution of Rom as he begins to show us what Rom said about him, being a mechanical genius. This is a great moment for Rom and one that moves him out from being more of a bit character to a full secondary character.
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Re: S4E15 - Bar Association


A great episode for all of the reasons you mentioned. I often wondered why they didnt try to recruit Rom sooner. I hope we get to see Nog's reaction to seeing his father excell out from under Quark.

Star Trek Trope: Every one of O Brien's Ancestors was a decendant of someone famous. That sounds like a Forged in the Dark Ability: "My ancestor was .... so I remember hearing about ..."

I like it.
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