S5E12 The Begotten

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S5E12 The Begotten


I liked the Odo side of this Episode.

The Kira plot was heavy handed and WOW is her boyfriend a tool. I mean, the actor is cool (he was also Dracula in the Monster Squad and Prince Blackthorn in Wizards & Warriors) but man, I don't like this Nipplehead. IT IS O'Brien's baby and this dude should just be there to help Kira and not try to out Macho Miles. Miles can be a bit of an itdiot himself, but its worse when some Ahole pushes his buttons. I'm hoping we don't see him much more...

But it was interesting to see Odo's parental side. I'm glad he got his powers back, but I am hot thrilled with how they got rid of the infant to do it. I would have rather seen an Odo and Child storyline progress.
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