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Post by dnaphil »

Is anyone playing or have played Ironsworn?

I keep hearing about it and went an looked at the website and the PDF was free. I downloaded it and was going to poke around.

The game plays like a traditional (GM/Players) a co-op (GM-less), and solo game. Which makes me very curious.

If you have played, I am curious as what you think of the game.
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Re: Ironsworn

Post by RobAbrazado »

I haven't played it, myself, but I happen to know that they're in the midst of an arc of it over at the Gauntlet. If you want to check out some APs, the playlist is here, though be forewarned there won't be a conclusion until next week. :)
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Re: Ironsworn

Post by Emmett »

Haven't played. I think the designer has mainly been active on discord. Maybe you could find out more on the channel?
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